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December 29th, 2006

10:32 am: it hurts
to hurt your best friend.

July 8th, 2006

11:48 pm: days off...
finally some days off yay! i had the best time ever, lots of time spent with ricky, my room is clean. ate some sushi, ate some cheesecake factory. travis and i saw pirates, i hadn't seen him in forever so that was good. that kid cracks me up, but i lost my regal card at the theater :-( so i have to find it again!! and i walked around washington square, hung out with morgan, ate at the canby pub and callie served me.... i can't wait for more days off...

June 21st, 2006

10:47 am: cleaning...
My room has so much shit in it that I can't walk. I have... my bed, a treadmill, 2 desks, 2 dressers and ALL my shit from my dorm room all in boxes. We have a guest room but my mom doesn't want me staying there... interesting. So, today I'm going to be cleaning my room YAY... *rolls eyes*

So, with Ricky getting his car and stuff stolen, monday we went out and bought him interview pants, shirt, socks and shoes, plus a cell phone charger and razors. Then I went to work and yesterday just got more stressful. His dad said that he could borrow the truck they have to get to his interview and his dad took all the leaves in the back and stuff to the dump and Ricky cleaned it so it was good to go. Then Ricky called me at 10:40 telling me that his truck wouldn't start, the key would go in but the wheel wouldn't turn, and it wasn't locked up because the wheels were straight. He called everyone he could and no one had a car he could borrow to drive to Hillsboro for the interview. If he took Trimet he was going to be late, so I called work and frantically looked for someone to be there for me at 12:30. After trying and trying April worked for me and then I drove him to his interview. While he was there i bought April this super cute candel thing, then when I got back to my car, I saw Ricky's cell phone in the passengers seat because it had fallen out of his pants pocket. He called from another number while I was on my way back then I had to go back to work. ahhh, so much stress!

Then my mom, don't get my wrong I love her to death, but she's driving me insane. Last night she said that I had to be home at 12, which last night wasn't a big deal because I was tired, but she told me that she can't fall asleep until she knows that I'm home. Did she ever sleep when I was away at school?!?! I think that Corvallis is more "dangerous" than West Linn, so really she should be ok with me going places.

I'm taking care of my friend Kate's rabbit while she's gone in Texas and Ricky and I went over there to take care of it and watch her digital cable. Well I guess my mom said that I made it sound like I was "sneaking around". I told her I was going to take care of the rabbit and hang out with Ricky... I wasn't trying to sneak anything...

I can't wait to be back at school.....

Now Albertsons wants me to come in early... fantastic...

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June 16th, 2006

08:25 am: are you there...??
So, finals are over and I'm excited! It was more stressful then normal because I was really worried for Ricky. We were at Morgan's in Eugene the Saturday before finals and when we went back to his car in the morning it had been broken into. They left a couple textbooks, but they took his whole backpack which had: TI-89 calc, TI-83 calc, laptop, laptop adapter, phone charger, his hardest classes notes, wires for his class, and ALL his notes for ALL his classes for finals! I felt SO bad for him! So not only was I just stressed because finals are cool like that, but I was worrying more for him too.

I think I did ok in my classes, hopefully I'll do better next term. Jessica and I have been looking at apartments and it is really exciting! But we are going to come back closer to school to actually pick out one and sign a lease because we are too cheap to pay summer's rent, and we don't like any of the ones that give you summer for free.

So, I got my frogs and aquarium instead of that little bowl, and I put their eggs in there too. Minor detail, the eggs for sucked into the filter... my bad. But I caught them humping the other day and so I turned off my filter. I might have a new frog, but I don't see the eggs in there anymore. I also thought that I saw a little baby wiggling in one of the old eggs on the outside of the filter, so who knows we may have a fighter! I also found out that fattie is blind, and the woman in the tank... interesting...

I really don't feel like packing, but slowly I am. I had a weird discovery and called Travis to talk about it, he was saying that it was kinda a weird discovery. It's just strange that someone can get so mad at somebody for one thing, but then go around and do it again to someone else and think it's ok. I dunno... I think it's really sad, but what are you going to do? I'm hoping over the summer to hang out with people that I haven't seen in a while.

Poor Katie, this week is Justin's last week here :-( So I guess Saturday we are all going to dinner for Justin. I feel bad for her, but I know that if they want to that they can make it work! I hope that I can rekindle some old friendships and get my life back in order this summer, because I can't stand chaos anymore!!

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May 18th, 2006

04:02 pm: I started off the morning going to work, which of course makes me happy waking up at 5:30. Then I come to find that the guy I mainly work with doesn't have his green card anymore so he can't work with the University (obviously), and he won't get it back until July. So basically I won't be seeing him again unless I work there next year. He left me with a girl who basically might as well just stand there for 3 hours cuz I would be able to get more done without her in my space. Carlos's job was taken over by someone else, who is nice, but she can be REALLY bitchy sometimes.... but at least she works faster then. My boss basically the worst person I know. We have a man who works with us who is mentally challenged and he washes dishes. My boss asked him to get him perf pans or whatever (with the holes in them) and I guess he didn't know what that meant so he got him one with holes and the rest with out. After he leaves my boss starts laughing and says "I just can't even talk to that kid he's too fucking retarded.." I was all... u did not just say that. So I was kinda hostile working at my table and then my boss was telling the guy to shoot rubber bands at another worker because "he shot one at you" (even thought it was actually my boss. And Jerry (dishwasher) was all, "No i don't want to that's mean" and my boss was all "no common, common do it..." so then Jerry did and it made me SO irritated. Then my boss was telling jerry to sing songs about kicking his dog because it wouldn't go outside. Ok, Jerry is kinda like a child, do you teach children to kick dogs?? NO... ugh ppl are so dumb! And my boss is way racist too that bugs me a ton. When Jerry had just shot a rubber band my boss looked and me and was all "What's your problem" and I said "that's really mean" boss-"No it's not" me-"Yeah it is he didn't want to" boss-"So what if it's mean" me-"then you shouldn't make him do it." boss-"So what if it's mean, what are you going to do about it" UGH So Carlos left me to deal with that. Luckily I volunteer at the housing that Jerry lives at so I know the people who do his job placement and I'm just going to tell them what's going on because I don't think that it is fair for Jerry to be in an environment where people make fun of him. I know that he may not be able to hear, but what if he does, it is hard to make people feel better when their feelings are hurt.

Then, I studied for my psych test thinking that I'm going to do well because I studied for it and took all of the practice exams and was doing fine. I thought that the test was a little hard.... yeah... I got a 67.5%... wow Brittany you're a genius. So now there is no way for me to get an A. If I get 100% on the final I'll get a 87.5 in the class. I got a 90 on the last midterm... I don't know what my problem was. Now I'm all stressed out about that class. I wanted a 4.0 this term... i guess that's not going to happen :-( Ricky is all... you'll make you're parents proud by graduating college... and I'm all... ok i'm pretty sure that won't make them proud.. that's expected.

Oh, so I'm probably going to be graduating a year from now. I'll go through the ceremony and then take summer classes to finish and then in fall start grad school. There is a catch though... OSU doesn't have a Master's program for psychology. Fantastic.... so I'm either going to go to U of O or SOU. Ok all of that sucks. I'm going to be going into a new school and new town not knowing anyone and probably not making friends cuz i'm cool like that. I guess at U of O I would know some people, maybe I could live with morgan's gf. AH, i don't want to end up living by myself with no friends :-(

We're supposed to go camping this weekend cuz my birthday is tomorrow, but that sounds really stressful. Oh, so i changed the day because this one girl really want to go to saturday, i changed it. now she's all "well i'm going to be going to bend on friday so i'm not sure if i can make it" i'm not upset that she's not going, but she had me change it for her... that bugs me.

Now I have to go take my statistics final tonight and then start another statistics class that I have to have done by the end of the term... yay...

Oh, and my pygmy frogs laid eggs yesterday, but since the bowl is kinda small i moved the frogs to a different bowl because the eggs were getting in the way of them eating and stuff. Well, they laid more eggs last night. These look way different, like they are floating and the other ones were sinking, so now I'm going to have to move them again.

I don't get to go volunteering tonight because I have that stupid final, but Home Life always makes me happy :-(. The clients go to bed at like 9 though, so by the time I got there I would be getting in the way of their routine.

Well, sorry for all the bitching.... I'll make a more pleasant update next time... hopefully.

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March 22nd, 2006

10:44 am: So, my finals have gone great so far, but I'm nervous about how the other ones will go :-(

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March 6th, 2006

12:25 pm: feel the rain on your skin...
So, after venting and talking to a million people... I am feeling much better. I can't visit Ricky this weekend no matter what I try to do or else I will have to work SO hard I might die. Plus he is SO sick and dying that he does not need me waking him up and demanding attention ;) I have this new found feeling that I can accomplish anything! I almost never have this feeling, so I have to run with it while I can.
Today I'm going volunteering at Home Life. It's a housing area for people with mental disabilities, we teach them social skills and also how to do things like laundry and dishes so they can live on their own one day. I'm really excited, but this does make my week pretty busy.
I signed up for classes next term, and I'm not super excited, but I'm only taking one upper division instead of four like now. So it should be WAY easier even though I'm taking 18 credits. I'm also still going to work mornings, starting at 6am and going to different time during the morning depending on the day. 18 hours a week for that. Then I'm going to be doing Home Life and CSB, that's 5 hours a week. So, I'm defiantly going to be busy, but I like it that way.
I'm a little saw because I'm going to see Ricky on the Thursday of finals week, then Friday he'll drive me home, then he leaves Saturday for almost a week, then I might see him a little when he gets back. Then he'll dive me home. After that I won't see him for like 4 or 5 weeks because of rugby, but hopefully I can see him a lot after that!! :-D

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February 26th, 2006

06:16 pm: i hate the po...
So, I'm just minding my own business when ppl are all... hey guys, go downstairs the cops are here... and I'm like.. oh no big deal they're just driving around and ppl are freaking out like always. So we all go downstairs and wait for the cops to drive away... so the cops come insides and make everyone come out and then he says "ok, so if no one lies to me, i won't give any tickets, so let's get this done." I only lied a little... i said 3 shots... BUT i'm sure it was like.. half a fifth... and a beer... and a couple mixed drinks... ANYWAYS... he took everyone's name, phone number, birthday, address, and how much they had and let us go. I dunno what's going to happen... i hope nothing. someone said that he just needs to know how many ppl were underage so that way he can get the person living there for hosting a party for minors... that's like a thousand dollar ticket. At least it was for Brooke. If i get some surprise fine... I'm going to be pissed...

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February 8th, 2006

06:43 pm: swirling vortex of terror
so, have you just ever been in the worst mood ever? i think that i have suspicions why, but they are so dumb... in the past... something i can deal with, but i just am worn out. too much school, work, it's starting to take a toll on me...

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January 24th, 2006

05:41 am: so sleepy
I have a love hate relationship with waking up early.... and right now it is defiantly hate. I just want to sit at home all day and watch my cute froggies be all swimmy. There is so much that I would rather do then go to work and school and study; I want to hang out with people that I haven't in a while. It makes me sad to have so many acquaintances but not a lot of good friends. I miss having more really good friends. Well... enough mopping and more working....

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